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January 1, 2021
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Bryan Neft Announces Campaign for Superior Court

Former President of the Allegheny County Bar Association Aims to Bring Career of Fairness, Equity, and Transparency to the PA Superior Court.

Pittsburgh, PA - Bryan Neft announced his candidacy for Judge of Pennsylvania's Superior Court and laid out a plan for victory in the 2021 statewide race.

"We're speaking to and meeting with voters from across the State and look forward to sharing my experience as we move deeper into this campaign," said Neft.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has always been one of the busiest appellate courts in the nation, and fields thousands of appeals annually. It is responsible for appeals in criminal and civil cases from the Courts of Common Pleas, and appeals on matters involving children and families.

"I started my legal career as a clerk in the Pennsylvania Superior Court and have a very good understanding of the case load judges face in this important appellate court. After serving on the Bar Association's Board of Governors, as its president, and with more than three decades practicing law, I am uniquely qualified for this office," continued Neft.

"In addition to doing the essential work, a Judge must also be a role model, which means being active in the community, contributing to the profession of law, and ensuring access to justice for all," said Neft.

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